What You Can Do

  • Donate to our cause 

  • Please join CAA on Facebook and participate in our DAA's (Daily Action Alerts). These are meant to be very quick and easy and should take only a minute or two of your time, but can have a huge impact. All the instructions and contact information for the target is given in the DAA, so you can easily do them in the comfort of your own home (during a commercial for example). Please note that anyone and everyone can (and should) do the DAA's. Horse carriage rides are considered a tourist attraction, so if you live outside Chicago, please still do the DAA's and tell the target that as a tourist, you don't want to visit/shop/give your tourism money to a city that's still exploiting horses on the street.

  • If you live in Chicago, please contact your Alderman and ask that he/she support a horse carriage ban by co-sponsoring O2019-4125, introduced by Aldermen Brian Hopkins and Brendan Reilly. If you don't know who your Alderman is, please click here 

  • Whether you live in Chicago or not, please contact Chicago's Mayor Lori Lightfoot and urge her to implement a horse carriage ban.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot


312-744-3300 or 929-356-4013  (Phone)


info@lightfootforchicago.com  (Email)

You can contact her via social media:




  • If you're ever near Chicago's horse carriage stand (Pearson Street and Michigan Avenue), please take video or photos of the horses and drivers if you see them. You'll likely catch them breaking the law and could help CAA prove that a horse has been overworked. Please make sure your cell phone camera has a way to prove the date and time of your photo/video. Google Photos is a good app. that automatically records the date and time and backs up your photos/videos.

  • Please join us at our monthly educational demonstrations near the horse carriage stand. These are very peaceful, only an hour long and all you need is a smile. CAA provides all the signs, flyers, petitions, etc.